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Table Fellowship

I find myself intrigued by the above concept as presented in the latest book by Richard Rohr, "Jesus' Alternative Plan."

You might read over the quote captured in the attached photo. Here Rohr points out how often Jesus called us to come and dine! Something about food that opens up fellowship, dialogue and breakthrough Kingdom moments.

In my soon to be released book, "Finding Your Kingdom Sweet Spot," I mention again what I also believe we have lost in the message of the Last Supper. Not to diminish the sacrament of communion as it so emphasizes the blood and flesh of Calvary's moment, but all Jesus' earlier engagement and dialogue with the disciples seems equally important.

In those moments, as Jesus was "reading their mail" he was stimulating pockets of conversation among the disciples, creating the connective tissue between these handpicked evangelists that would later become critical to their survival, along with of course the newly released power of Pentecost.

The Seder Meal became the piece the Church preserved, though creative community was the prelude to the cup and the bread, and I believe was a huge piece of the "do this in remembrance of me."

Community, communion and yes always more than enough food to go around (baskets remaining) are all a part the Good News!

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