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I am truly fascinated with the possibilities that lie ahead in our exploration of the universe. From a spiritual standpoint one has to admit, a morphing of perception of this being called God is most likely; One more magnificent, with our concept of the heavens now expanded; and, just where might the place we've called "Heaven" land?

What if Heaven is here among us, and just as once our full universe was not visible, neither was our full understanding of this destiny we call Heaven?

I have always been intrigued by those men and women who gave up their physical lives to attest to experiences with Christ, some writing of his sudden appearance in the room! Others, who spoke to a "stranger" post resurrection, only to discover it was the same Jesus they had known, yet now alive, but in a different dimension.

We may be there again. Stay open!!

Photo credit: James Webb Telescope

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Dick Joyce
Dick Joyce
Jul 12, 2022

I, too, was fascinated with the article from today's W-S Journal; but my fascination, unfortunately was not "God-centered". It was secular in nature. I was overwhelmed with $2 billion spent to get that picture and that it was taking pictures of light emitted 13 billion years ago. That was before I was born! Thanks for sharing your lens on this.

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