Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Thinking through my life this evening, so blessed. Yes, I have taken risks, a requirement for any aspiring entrepreneur, but the motivation was never material, rather the greater good; whether senior housing, recycling materials, public schools, church or municipal service.

I have known moderate gains and suffered some minor setbacks (all teachable moments). In following my heart, I have traversed mutiple sectors for the sake of others and by doing so, have learned the joy of giving.

Truth be known, my only true capital has been spiritual. Pursuing a sense of calling, while guarding my integrity (at times tested), always being aware of the necessity of relationships and the gifts of others...the ROI on this journey: a personal sense of joy, that at times erupts in tears of wonder!


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“A Rainmaker creates value for the benefit of all through commitment.”

― Jonas Caino  

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