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Sitting in a Strange Moment

The last few months have provided amazing opportunities, most serendipitous! From three unsolicited video interviews (Cabin Talks), on top of completing my 4th book (out in August as of right now), along with conversations and an outline forming around a fifth (that reference was not about alcohol, but rather another book).

Just recently, I decided to attend a zoom leadership event hosted by Dave Ramsey. My first, but it was truly amazing with Pat Lecioni, Malcolm Gladwell and Grand Slam Mountain Climber, Alison Levine.

During that event I began sensing an unexpected "next" in my spiritual journey, though questioning my mental stability given that I am closing in on my 75th year.

As I began to beg off in between that 3 day conference window, Alison Levine, moved me to read her book, On The Edge and in there the flowing quote:

"Yuichiro Miura is one of the most impressive extreme athletes in the world. Not only was he the first person to ski at an altitude above 26,000 feet; he also later went back to summit Everest. Multiple times. The first time at age seventy. The second at age seventy-five. But hold on, I’m not done: on May 23, 2013—at age eighty—Miura once again stood on Everest’s summit and set a world record as the oldest person to do so. No, I’m not kidding. So the next time Grandpa says he’s too tired to throw a ball around with his grandkids in the backyard, remind him of Yuichiro Miura."

Well, I had just bought John Luther, my grandson a baseball glove (and Caroline, a lefty), so must have been God! No excuse now, though likely Everest is not in the equation.

As I was settling into the thought that my overly inspired self had simply experienced the "conference high" thing, I get a call from a brother representing a global capital group asking to meet, and that on top of a prescheduled meet with another young man (late 40's) that I recently became acquainted with during a commercial real estate venture. The latter having matriculated through the same denominational hierarchy as myself.

I combined the two meetings for networking purposes and found myself intermittently weeping toward the end with excitement for the Alpha Generation (again, my grands), with the three of us committed, myself a Boomer, another a Gen Xer and a yes, a Gen Z borderline Millenial!

I shared my thoughts about the multi-generational collaboration necessary for true transformation- Abram the risk taker; Isaac cleans up his mess (redug his wells); Jacob wrestles through it all with God, is renamed and births Joseph, the Dream!

If we go back to Levine and her reference to baseball, these last few months have been triple play moments within my community life.

Can't wait to start my newest venture, as unknown to me as Mt.Everest but trusting I'll make it to the summit before 80, Yuichiro!

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