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Repentance Revisited

This morning as I continue to make attitudinal and actual life adjustments, post my recent political fiasco, I find myself searching the scriptures for insight as to how one might commit such a leadership atrocity.  My focus is no longer on those who exercised their rights to speak out and in fact, vote out those who may have felt differently about the direction of this great community.

Though I hear some accolades from respected leaders who appreciated my candor, there are telling shadows of doubt as to the words I selected.  Of course then there are the stinging letters to the editor, that still come from those whose names I have never heard; which keeps me wondering where they have been in our last four years of public meetings and citizen led sessions.  One thing I have learned, you cannot assume that people will make an effort to become informed, but you can be a certain that they will react to what they don’t know when changes are felt financially.

I still must resist any right on my part to separate out my political actions from my own moral and spiritual life.  Being politically correct (or incorrect), worse yet judgemental, without discovering the source of my error would simply be the easy way out, allowing me to move forward, without the necessary adjustments to my life as a leader.  That I believe is why we as a country, are where we are; our financial dilemma is only symptomatic.

When I read scriptures like Isaiah 38:17 NIV: “Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish.  In your love you kept me from the pit of destruction; you have put all my sins behind your back.”

“All my sins behind you back.”  Such a powerful picture of Calvary!

Surely something good will come for our community if I stay the course and let patience do her perfect work.  Though my actions were not Christ like, (even the temptation to qualify my anger as a “temple moment”), and may eventually require a public apology, I am confident that the work of repentance, the grace of my Father, through the mercy of our Christ, will carry me out of this “pit” of anguish and toward the place of delight that I know awaits the people of God.

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