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Reading the Gospels, Training a New Pup!

Yes, there are New Testament parallels!

John 7 is loaded with just such moments of similar misunderstandings, as CoCo and I are now experiencing. She's my new pup, not yet comfortable with my new personality.

So it was with humans and the Christ, even among those closest of kin: "Neither did his brethren believe in him."

John 7:5.

There is something about the value of being believed in. Even a new pup gets that!

Before you write me off as a nut case, what works for pets, works with humans! But that's not my point, as any parent or companion already well knows that.

My intrigue this morning is with the thought of how, though being fully human, with little reinforcement, one can still rise to the height of their calling. Such was the case with Jesus.

A deep sense of calling seems key!

Your thoughts perhaps, "Yes, but He was the Son of God!"

No, from his standpoint he was the son of man. God, the Word (Logos) had become one of us, to demonstate our true potential!

He endured the same limiting thoughts, yet just as we can choose, he determined to be fully open to the Presence! For us, now even more possible by His grace!

That Presence which permeates millions of galaxies is not however, human! Religion has taught us to think in human terms; tangible concepts seem necessary for us.

In the case of God, we often picture an ancient One, seated on a throne, even an empty seat beside of Him, at least until the ascension!

Yet, it was "Him" (pardon the pronoun) that was talking to the Messiah with skin on him, in the flesh, Mary's Son!

Yes, the Bible does speak of thrones, even Stephen at his stoning saw "the heavens open" and Jesus "seated on the right hand of the Father!"

How else would a limited human mind, even one inspired, communicate when raised with ruling monarchs? Even

streets of gold, per John the Revelator, he by then, living in utter poverty on the Isle of Patmos!

Was Jesus going away to prepare a mansion like that which some millionaires on earth require, or was he speaking metaphorically, the real message being spiritual intimacy, "that where I am there you may be also!"

Even when speaking of marriage Jesus clued us into the fact that we are spirits on a human journey! "People will neither marry nor be given in marriage, but will be like the angels in heaven."

Matthew 22:30.

However, we have our limitations, same as my new pup! Patience is necessary in her case, and for me, new paradigms. In fact, "new every morning!"

Jesus too, was fully human! He wept, but he was also fully open to love, which is God; thus, fully secure in who he was, unflinching in the midst of criticism.

Note the implication, He was God, yet God in Spirit moved through him as a human. Still, Jesus recognized his own uniqueness, but required no one's outside approval, comfortable with the approval of The Presence alone!

Get comfortable and you'll see stuff happen!

I know, religion has taught you differently, just as being crated taught my pup lessons we are now breaking her from! A treat is occasionally necessary.

Miracles, supernatural intervention then flowed out of Jesus! I can't believe God would demonstrate such awesome moments, only to have me wait until another lifetime to do the same.

"Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have, I give thee: in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk." Peter believed it in Acts 3:6 and acted on it, why not me!

This old dog has seen similar tricks. Its too late to convince me otherwise!

If only we as humans could fully get there, stay there and live there! Some do, and thus we know it's possible, just like with house training my pup!

Metanoia, is a new mindset change!

It's more than some Summer revival!

It's much easier however, to stay locked into tradition, wrapped up in religion; some doubted still, even having seen His miracles. That did not fit within their construct of belief, trapped in the traditions of Moses!

Jesus didn't fire back at them, in fact even at times stepped back from physical presence, when he knew people were not yet ready to believe!

Lots of lessons, words of wisdom in this chapter. Maybe one day me and yes, you the reader, can be fully comfortable with who we were uniquely crafted to be in Christ! Fully living into our "Womb Work, our PFE, our Purpose For Existence! (Thanks, Randall & John Strelecky).

Just like my puppy mill raised pooch, likely crated most of her life, only recently stepping onto freshly frosted mountain grass! She too has potential!

If you can't marry practical revelations from lesser creatures, you likely are a little too religious!

"The people answered, 'Thou hast a devil'. John 7:20a.

Just an ole guy being transparent and hoping to one day be like Jesus!

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