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No Way To Treat The Governor

We too often focus on the wow factor surrounding Jesus's miracles, in this case the very familiar water to wine moment. Thus, it's easy to miss the meaningful nuance that provides the "why" behind the miracle!

Jesus was not some party animal that knew how and when to bring out the good stuff! His moment likely a response to the societal elite that happened to be at the wedding.

First off, why was this lowly carpenter's son invited to a wedding feast?

My thoughts, given that John also mentions that he, his mother and his disciples were "called to the marriage," it was either a well known family member, or he and his followers by then were starting to get the attention of certain power brokers.

As you already know, they soon ran short on wine, so Mary whispers to the Chief Servant (the governor, manager) perhaps he was their family member, offering inside scoop, though Jesus had already warned his mom not to get ahead of herself.

She still pushes him further, moms are that way, instructing the servant to "do whatever he asks"!

That's when Jesus does the thing that delivers the real message, at the risk of the governor's head if taken the wrong way!

You see, it wasn't just the water to wine, afterall, that might have been seen as mere magic, with little meaning, like it was with Moses's rod and Pharoah's magicians. They too produced serpents!.

It was the deeper message Jesus seized upon. Rather than refilling the sterile wine containers, he tells them to use the "waterpots of stone", previously used for washing and purification, whether hands and feet, as likely that day, or at times menstral and seminal fluids, even dead bodies!

I would think that a little distasteful of him. Can you imagine the knocking knees of the servants, though the shock and surprise, when real wine poured from the water filled washpots. As well, the smile on the governor's face when the wine was first tasted!

The bridegroom (don't miss who that represents either) then shares the Good News: “Everyone serves the good wine first, and when people have drunk freely, then the poor wine. But you have kept the good wine until now!"

‭John 2:10 ESV

The true Bridegroom was now talking about us, the work and cleansing of our "washpots" soon to be delivered upon!

Our washpots now made clean, filled with new wine, astonishingly flavorful, when our lives our are poured out for the Kingdom!

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