My Next Book

Awakened early this a.m. working on a book that fills in the spiritual stories intentionally left out of "A Catalyst for Change." My seasoned co-writer recommended a second book, which the first would better platform. We'll see where it goes from here.

One of the final chapters offers the purpose behind this book:

"To me these water-shed moments are akin to those recorded in the text of the Book of Joshua. When the Israelites were crossing the Jordan, then at flood stage, the God of Moses intervened. Joshua memorialized that moment by having 12 men, each carry a stone out of the dry riverbed of the Jordan. The stones were then stacked nearby the place where floodwaters had once raged, such that generations hence, when told of this story would have tangible evidence of this miraculous yet unseen God. The One who allowed their ancestors passages, where few men had trod!

The purpose of this book is to stack a few stones, that memorialize my God experience, in a day when so many religious take up stones to defend a God, whom they have never met."

I trust I have finally delivered the full intent behind this long held sense of need to write my story.

Now to work on the cover and settle on a title. I'm close I think!


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