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Moses' Genesis Interpreted Based Upon John's Life Experience

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

As I alluded to in these last several posts, it seems a series is developing in which I am being moved to share thoughts in a most transparent way.

My challenge is to remain positive given the trajectory we seem to be on as as culture, while eventually offering constructive insights gathered from my exposure across multiple sectors.

My hope is that my writings are as thought provoking to others as they are therapeutic for me.

The sequence of this series is strategic given that self talk, one's deepest dialogue are disproportionately governed by the subconscious programing of childhood barring some spiritual epiphany. These inner thoughts either inspire or limit one's life choices, thus determining one's future, by way of their associations and support systems, which inevitably impacts one's legacy.

All this dependent upon what is spoken into one's spirit along the way. Yes, I believe we are spiritual beings on a human journey.

Education, as addressed in the previous post is critical from pre-school through adulthood. The former shaping one's capacity for reasoning, the latter providing the now ever changing knowledge base required to step into life opportunities; untilmately the difference between success or failure.

One's faith, built within the particular religion pursued, even so called "Faitheists" whose

faith is a commitment to unbelief, affects one's actions and action determines impact. Again, my thoughts are being driven in pursuit of some spiritual practicality in this era of both late stage capitalism, institutional mistrust and the undeniable decline within formal Christianity, at least in America.

Back to Moses. I am assuming he was quite educated given his history in the household of Pharoah, certainly sincere in his desire to lead the children of Isreal out of bondage, and as well, inspired by his earlier burning bush experience with the I Am.

So, let's discuss Genesis.

If the reader will provide me some margin beyond just the text as taught from whatever religious orientation, his job was simply to communicate just how these thousands of former slaves got into Egypt and where this God who's name could not be spoken without fear of wrath was taking them.

He likely had no clue that at some point his writings would be consolidated with others to produce one book that reveals one story, become the best seller of all times and yet would cost many their lives, if they dare question what the Institutional Church then determined as it's legitimate interpretation and application once state empowered.

He just wanted to keep them from rebelling each time their needs were unmet!

How does one communicate to a mass of "stiff-necked" people (Moses' words) who knew more about bricks and straw than reading and language; let alone the galaxies.

He no doubt with God's help drafted his words in a way that brought some spiritual meaning and at times renewal, given the sense of lostness in this vast desert, on top of the memories of such a dramatic moment when some of them witnessed a miraculous intervention with the Red Seas parting, while avoiding run-on sentences like the one you just read! My apologies.

I am also assuming that much of this book was written after the fact, and absolute years from Eden's garden story.

Was his an attempt to unpack some limited understanding of human origin, as inspired (God beathed), but with very little scientific knowledge other than what he had been exposed to in Pharoah's house, or perhaaps observations or stories told of old by his mom or sister Miriam. Perhaps also historic registry of ancestors captured in scrolls long passed down by Jacob, Joseph and his brothers.

If I assume the above, along with even the Words from Jehovah, yet even that limited by Moses deficit of knowledge when compared to those of us today. Quantum physics, artificial intelligence, the Webb telescope with photos of millions of galaxies, and as well an actual relationship with the Christ along with centuries of interpretation by men and women of God, all who aldso have access to a vast knowledge by way of the cloud! Not the cloud Moses learned to follow by day, nor the pillar of fire by night. I think you get my drift.

My attempt here is not to argue opinion about who first bit the apple, but to speak to a growing confusion that is by now multi-generational in depth given the morass of spiritual opinions offered by the Institutional Church.

The hope that once offered in moments of deep conflict is being lost by hierarchical denomination structures unwilling to listen for G-d, beyond the sacred text. Meanwhile the multiple generations now alive search for meaning, some fresh breath of God. The organized church willing to loose a generation that change, preferring to tweak old models, most void of any demonstration of the miraculous which God in Christ, the man called Jesus prophesied would follow those who believed.

If such powerful moments as Luke recorded in the Book of Acts, convincing acts that exploded into a movement called, The Way are now only mythical stories being retold where does that leave us?

It seems our response is tighter corporate oversight, with hierarchical structures that only promote those who are better at sales than substance, some even in a "smarter than a fox" kind of way removing the hint of such denominational titles from their campus names. Church denominational identity often masked by words like interdenominational, "community" or city churches to imply missional mandates, supplemented by a higher tech presentation with a more contemporary worship that is at least entertaining.

Meanwhile, those things that drain the congregational budget are off-loaded to new nonprofits that extract funding from sources other than the tithes and offerings. Fortunately, both are tax deductible.

We'll talk more about that tomorrow perhaps.

Okay, break time!

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