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Happy Knew Your!

This title is neither my lack of spell check nor the ornery slip of a smart phone word substitution, but rather  an intentional play on words.

A reminder, as we ride into the new year, return to our real work world from recent celebrations, or recall yesterdays hopeful resolutions.

He knows you still and your real life challenges, even feels the pain of those who were totally unable to celebrate the holidays because of an ailing spouse or some other grievous reality; the case with a dear friend who’s beloved is gripped by cancer.

This post is to him and to those whom I don’t know, who possibly like me 40 years ago, now endure the stabbing grief of a divorce or other life loss.  I then had little hope of a real future, and worse, surrounded by friends with few answers…but God knew.

January 3,1973 He suddenly changed everything in my life and now on this 2nd day of January 2012, I celebrate the 63rd birthday of a wonderful wife whom I married on December 23, 1973, thirty-eight years ago.  As well, today I celebrate with a 30-year-old daughter whom in 1970 would have seemed an impossibility in my pain, only another dream lost.

But He knew! Yes, God knew my life before I was formed in my mother’s womb, even knew me before He formed my mother!  Psalm 139:1-18.

He knew you and your’s as well.

Happy Knew Your, He knows your life and holds your dreams!

He is with me when I awake the day after New Year and with you… still (18).

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