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Generational Wiring and A Progressive Gospel

Yesterday, I spoke on a zoom call with a dear friend and entrepreneur, one much younger than myself, her reach far more global, with an uncanny ability to process things not yet seen by many my age.

As I listened both to her refreshing spiritual insights, as well as their practical application, I began to realize the necessity of a progressive wiring that can come only by way of new generations.

Knowledge or intellect alone could even be a hinderance!

As well, the great bastion of spiritual resource known as the Institutional Church is even sensing the "weak signals" of this incoming "weather front"!

Fortunately, many of her numerous "plants" are rapidly tweaking their approach to ministry, though still others are in denial, now further divided than ever, given the necessary rethinking of long held doctrines, as well as even facility design.

All the above and more will be necessary in order to recieve the full benefit of this emerging shift, though in reality, a generational work of grace.

Last evening, after my zoom call, I had begun rereading the edited chapters of my latest book. Each book now signaling evidence of a progressive work within my own self. The first was written in 2009, entitled "Repo: The Church in Foreclosure."

This upcoming book, entitled "Come Let Us Reason Together" is being co-authored by a young, though well-experienced professional editor, age twenty-seven.

I'll post a quote from Chapter Three, a section entitled, "Science Illuminating the Intricacies of God's Creation":

"Consider the realm of genetics and the revelatory power of DNA. As we unravel the complexities of the genetic code, we unlock secrets of life that have been written in a language billions of years old. It is a language that tells stories of connection and commonality, binding all living beings in a shared narrative of life. This genomic scripture reveals a God who delights in diversity, who writes the story of creation not with a static pen but with an evolutionary brush that paints across eons. Such a perspective doesn't challenge the existence of a Creator but rather showcases the mechanisms through which the divine orchestration of life unfolds."

As I read her words this morning, extracted from personal conversations, her depth of spiritual reasoning, and years of blog posts, my aforementioned zoom call thoughts were affirmed.

These blog posts were perhaps providentially captured over the years. Most originating in my morning conversations with the God of the Galaxies, while pouring over the Canon of scripture. As well, seasoned by regular "Cabin Talks" held in my backyard for over 17 years. Those talks representing open-ended "reasoning" sessions with multiple generations. Their ages now seem strategic, ranging from early 20's to late 50's!

In fact the providential rewiring of my own brain, in 2014, validated by a local neurologist (you can read the story in Finding Your Kingdom Sweet Spot) now also seems connected.

Strange as that may sound, I can see the value of synapses being reconfigured, all after six months of prayerful pursuit, having heard that suggested as a benefit for leading across generational divides!

Why would that not be possible, after all, Lazarus was dead for four days, yet his brain apparently functioned fine as he later sat with Jesus, Mary, Martha and yes, their friend, Judas!

I now assume that as a gift, one offering transgenerational capacity, along with a desire to push into mysteries yet unseen by we Boomers. Unknowns readily welcomed by Millennials, yearned for by Gen Z's and necessary for the Alpha Generation, which includes my grandkids!

Yes, change is in the making, perhaps beyond some 500 year reformation cycle, this time true transformation?

All this is likely frightening to those ill-wired, and of course readily branded as New Age!

Well hello!

Wow! It's all beginning to make sense!

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Everytime I think about churches going through hardships I think of the little church on US Highway 64 East of Lexington. The Sunday worship service was about to begin when in walked a group of district representatives who told the congregation they had come to take possession of the church and they wanted the keys. They paddled locked the church leaving the congregation speechless. This event among a few more similar incidents was the beginning of the end for a large religious group.

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