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Finding Your Passion

In life, it's not about finding a job, though at first you may have to work to discover your passion and life's calling...your uniqueness!

You then simply do what you love and money will find you. Yes, people will pay to be around you, if you deliver your passion and the skill set that will follow, when nurtured spiritually, academically and practically.

In a nutshell, first find the fun, and the funds will follow. Don't slow down long enough for poverty to catch you and it won't! As an 86-year-old told me yesterday, his fingers touching his lips with a Greek-like kiss, "She's a beautiful, you 'worka' hard, you be successful!" He came to America penniless at 15, but loved to cook, he's now a successful food services entrepreneur, showing me around his grandson's restaurant, one of many "spawned" by his passion!

Oh, a better cover for the book is coming, just wanted to get it out there!

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