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Fear Has a Multigenerational Impact

Two much time on my hands while I await my publishing deadline for the next book, Finding Your Kingdom Sweet Spot, with great endorsement by those several who previewed my expanded edition. As well, the long due diligence periods for the next commercial real estate projects.

So, spending more time on my daily blog posts (had been weekly) and planning a 3-D taping of "Cabin Talks" to go along with next book, already in the making. I just love this fourth quarter season of my life.

This morning as I entered Exodus, likly for over the fiftieth run, I kept "hearing" the message of fear's impact. First, though the midwives were protecting the Hebrew children (last blog posts), the mother of Moses out of fear, devised quite the vessel to hide her baby, then later Moses himself goes off the rails and kills an Egyptian which surfaces his own fears. He then flees, only later to be confronted with the Burning Bush, where his fear again manifests.

Though assured by the "I Am", he still fears even his speech and brings on board Aaron who will later become the Golden Calf manufacturer.

You gotta wonder what would have happened if Moses mom had just trusted what God was already doing on their behalf.

Faithful and fearless parenting is so important to our legacy.

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