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Fantasy May Have Caught Up?

Not my typical morning devotional post...but compelling early morning thoughts just the same. I continue to read up on the emerging Meta-verse & rapid change phenomena.

It's amazing how far we have moved from a deep base of Christianity within a capitalistic America, now toward one more aligned with fantasy, play and politics and in my lifetime. Yet desperate for hope, we continue to dream, and compete, even war for a better world.

Some of this drive, now decades in the making has endeared an entire generation to the gaming industry.

Ironically, it seems the pursuit of that industry has afforded the intrigue and technology necessary for massive economic investment during the last couple decades of this maddening use of leisure time. Unfortunately our after-hours time was once more family focused. Hunting, fishing and the outdoors for many are yesteryear thoughts.

The digital technology has now evolved to the degree that new and realistic virtual possibilities exist for beta testing in other professions. The ripple effect now poses the question of brick and mortar spaces, once necessity for educational and medical research; now even likely for religious purposes. Commercial real estate brokers and clergy may be the early "canaries in the coal mine?"

Distracted from previous relational and family lifestyle dynamics we have become over occupied with the newly emerging virtual realities available to the masses through devices such as I now hold. Yet the impact of this shift will likely reach well beyond hand held devices and ThinkPads!

My own grandson, now entering 3rd grade could easily imagine interacting virtually within a 3D environment. He now manages his own zoo with currency earned by trading "DNA", thus allowing recovery of once extinct species.

This transformation is no longer an "if" but a "when", infact we are already absorbing both the benefits and consequences.

Not sure what all this portends, given the deepening divide among humans, nor the spiritual implications for our species.

Things I think about as I continue to read.

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