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Etched Within My Being

This morning as I moved through my normal practice of rising early, answering emails and text from late night friends, then quieting myself by way of meditating upon scripture, followed by a knelt delivery of gratitude to my Creator, the word "etched" came to mind.

The lengthy, run-on paragraph above serves only to detail my morning ritual and in no way was an attempt at pious instruction. Rather, an inside look at the religious nature etched in my being.

I am religious, aware of my shortcomings, hungry for right living, for imputed righteousness, humbled by the blessings that have come my way, the friendships that surround me. Then too, the fellowship of the saints, seemingly past and present, along with the consolation found daily in scripture and in prayer, as I start each morning. It seems to have worked.

Again, my transparency is for the purposes of communicating the fact that spiritual awareness drives my life. Even if in moments of doubt and "rational" disbelief, I try to flee from it. I seem surrounded by an irrational grace that renews me by way of a convincing dialogue with recall of evidence from past victories, attributable only to intervention apart from my own strength. My internal conversation seems more dialogue than self-talk, has been there since childhood, is beyond my finding out now for 75 years but by way of it, I am renewed every morning!

Often in moments where my faith was strongest and best efforts afforded, circumstances that would predict failure emerge. Some around me have then offered consolation similar to the friends of Job, yet that "voice" etched in the fabric of my being reassures my success and I move forward. Even my failures have proved as value add along the way!

In a culture where those around me too often depend entirely on their own skillsets, personal brilliance, deep pockets and experienced risk management, my hope is in the Lord who made heaven and earth.

Yes, sometimes I feel like an idiot, working in situations way beyond my pay grade, then at other times I recognize myself as one privileged child of the Most High God!

I'll let my life adventures speak for themselves, while I humbly share what seems at times as a "fire shut up in my bones."

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