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Crazy Moments in Scripture

Yes, just had one of those occasional "stupid good" moments during my now 50 years of annual scripture reads. Walking through I & II Kings can get a little tiring, so a few weeks ago I decided to change up and parallel with the Old, while picking up the New Testament at Matthew. This morning as I was reading about Elisha in II Kings 4:42-44, I was struck with the similarities between the moment where he stretches 20 leaves of Barley bread to feed 100 men, prophesying that bread would be left over...just as Jesus did with the 5000! I found myself hungering for that kind of faith. It was as if God was saying, "why not, Christ is in you." I kinda struggled as I meditated on that "Word" and then flipped to my book mark in Matthew...low and behold it's Matthew 14...the feeding of the five thousand with five loaves! These moments always challenge me in my daily walk. It's gonna be a productive day.

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