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Courage Required

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

These last few hours have truly been a challenge as I sort through my life learnings in an effort to capture my thoughts live as a gift to my grands and hopefully for others when my journey is complete.

All this is a gift to me from a thoughtful young entrepreneur whom I met as the guest of another. during one of my meetings over the years in our backyard cabin.

A graduate from the NC School of the Arts, now living in Texas, my young friend had asked for three days of my time, at 4 hours per day to capture and record my thoughts. (See photos.)

Little did he know that I was thinking of my next book which I had spoken to my editor about, calling it "Cabin Talk", a "Tuesdays With Morrie" like manuscript that transfers my learnings as both an entrepreneur and student of scripture.

Today there will be three generations in one room ...what an opportunity to craft some meaningful stuff, which has my entrepreneurial mind churning!

Why the title...vulnerability is awkward! As well, the courage to push through theological tapes long ingrained in my mind, as I adjust my thoughts against my life history and experience within the institutional church, now better understanding the word I heard December 28,2008..."My Church is in Foreclosure."

Believe it or not, thats a positive thing, given the cultural and political shifts now in play.

You might want to read Rev.5: 1-5. That scroll is a transfer of deed back to the rightful owner! Wow, at last, and perhaps in our lifetime!

To be continued...

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