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Caught In-between Good and Evil

The longer I live and the more that I read the scripture texts, the more the Spirit seems to affirm my aversion to religion.

By that I mean the theology I have inherited and attempted to hold static. Just as the galaxies expand, so the wonders of the Creator...a Being unlike ourselves, and in fact, perhaps we dwell among beings more spiritual than physical. By the word spiritual, I mean to imply of other than physical matter.

We likely were created as a demonstration to such spiritual beings of what grace and love, faith and hope can overcome. Perhaps the drama implied in Isaiah, with Lucifer cast out of heaven, is the basis behind this battle we seem caught up in between.

Ironically, in all this ethereal warfare, Creation was originally said to be good...that includes we humans. Here is where it gets tricky. We hear voices, self talk, if not a battle in our minds, which requires a daily renewal lest we believe the lie, that we are bad! That then, relative to who we are created to be is insanity!

My guess is when Moses attempted to script what he was capturing from his burning bush experience with the Self Existent One, his allegory of the garden was his best efforts to describe to these former slaves of Pharoah what he was recieving during his daily tabernacle experiences with The I Am. We may have therein lost who we "am." Pardon my grammar.

The reality may be that God is in fact about redeeming us, while somehow battling through us a spiritual warfare, one long ago won when Lucifer fell. God's abundance and a life truly free from evil is our prize through grace, as demonstated by His visit to earth in the Christ. That's a twist from theology and maybe just how I think, which I do!

Yes, I believe that scripture is God breathed, yet intentionally a means of allowing humans to have captured their journey as they "tabernacle" with this God of Moses. My challenge is that the I Am that I have experienced is nothing like the God of the Hebrew Law! Neither was this God who was Christ, blasphemous by way of his teachings in the eyes of the religious scholars of His day.

Now imagine that all this is playing out among the millions physical galaxies, all fully inhabited by principalities and powers unseen by we humans, ourselves merely caught in between though sensitive to by design. God's point being a demonstration of where evil leads versus love, when that love is afforded even to lesser creatures, far less than those observing the drama being played out!

The prize, we then graduate to a place of spiritual rank far above the heavens when our bodies fall off!

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