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Blessed Beyond Measure, Hopeful Beyond Description!!

Some days more than others accentuate the blessings of God and bring a refreshing to my soul! Yesterday was one of those.

Intermittent my conversations around contractual negotiations, which I also enjoy, were three hours of conversation in our backyard cabin.

Each year I am privileged to kick off the "Leader Talks" scheduled around a new class of the Winston-Salem Fellows.

WSF is a nonprofit whose vision is "to inspire and equip a rising generation of leaders to live their faith seamlessly in all areas, to discover their personal mission, and to participate in the building of God's Kingdom."

They accomplish this vision by "providing recent college grads an intensely practical nine-month experience designed to help them successfully bridge the transition from college to career and live lives of passion and purpose."

Imagine being surrounded by a dozen or more brilliant twenty-some-year-olds with pizza and wings, in a stream of consciousness spiritual download (Momma would call it a testimony time) followed by Q&A!

"Cabin Talks" on steroids, sharing Christ-centric life stories that interweave marketplace moments and God interventions, with the full awareness that eye-leaks (handkerchief in hand for when sinuses get loose), along with robust laughter are permitted for this old warrior.

A Heaven on earth moment that money can't buy!

Yes, I am renewed, hopeful and encouraged for the Body of Christ given this year's class of young leaders!

As well, the joy experienced reaffirms and more accurately represents the true "at-one-ment" spoken of in yesterday's post in case you missed it!

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