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Bible is a Divine, Holy Book with Human Fingerprints.

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

I know the Good Book says, "thy shalt not steal" but I did. I stole the title from a comment by the late Rachel Held Evans. I am now reading her book, Inspired.

Seems we have a lot in common in wrestling with the scriptures, both having our faith framed in fundamentalism.

I have deep rooted life experiences that ground me in my Christian walk, yet the more I attempt to have the mind of Christ, the more challenged I become by much of what scripture attributes to the character of God.

Another phrase in Held's book goes something like this, "Jesus was not like God (relatively speaking) but rather God is like Jesus." In fact, the scriptures tell us Jesus was God in the flesh.

So why the great gulf between the actions and nature of the followers of God as recorded in scripture, and the way Jesus would have approached the same situation. Perhaps our human finger prints!

The scriptures, though God breathed, capture us, as well as God. They provide a stark contrast between our brokenness and the nature of the Christ, who was God incarnate. We can no longer justify our evil deeds based on what others described as the acts of God, or God has changed between the Old and New Testament. The scriptures declare differently..."the same yesterday, today and forever!"

Thinking out loud again!

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