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Another aHa! Moment

This morning, I find myself attempting a somewhat less than academic research, driven by my inquiry as to the contrast between the God of Moses and the Christ, as appears in my annual read of scripture, now in Deuteronomy, obviously moving slower and deeper than last year.

It now appears that I am more Augustinian in my understanding of the Trinity, than Arian. My sense of identity and spiritual kinship with Augustine is perhaps his transparent expressions of frustration with the Church, as well as his keen logic. How is that helpful you ask?

He describes many of the theologians of his day as "talkative reason-mongers who have more conceit than capacity”, and conclude that their teachers don’t know what they are talking about, simply because those teachers are reluctant to speak of deep truths." -On the Trinity (Latin: De Trinitate) (67 [I.1])

He implies that so much of theology in the first 300 years after Christ was flavored by those in political power both in church and state.

If this could be the case among those centuries closer to the Christ than we, I now better understand how Evangelicals could be so off base in this politically divisive moment in Christendom.

My morning devotional always helps with my spiritual struggle, if I am open to the mystery of God.

Mystery —"something which appears contradictory but is in fact true." Uhmmm?

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