An Irreverent Act

I am reading through II Samuel now, with a backdrop of all this political madness in America. Verse 5:9 "David then took up residence in the fortress and called it the City of David. He built up the area around it, from the terraces inward."(NIV).

The improbability of this geography still being in existence, and of late always in the news is mathematically and historically striking.

You should know, I was raised as a dispensationalist by religious orientation. Now at 72, witnessing how folk will die to defend the existence of Jerusalem, whether Protestant, Catholic, Jew or Muslim, and given Isreal's consistent ability to exist, reinforces the validity of my religious orientation.

However, to make this a justification for support of a political party, seems evidence of a religious zeal, rather than trust in the sovereignty of the very God with whom covenant was made.

David was also attempting to please God by returning the Ark of God to Jerusalem, but using a means designed by the Phillistines, a new cart. When they hit the proverbial pot hole in the road, it cost a good man, Uzzah, his life. This act by Uzzah, as he reached out to steady the beloved vessel, was called "irreverent" by the writer of II Samuel. To me, it was more the result of poor leadership on David's part.

The next time the King moved the Ark, it was back on the shoulders of the priests, and with "long poles"...held distant even from trusted men of God!

There is likely a lesson here for American Christianity.


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