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An Embarrassed Bridegroom

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

This morning I came across a commercial for an up and coming movie, The Chosen.

My heart was broken and my spirit embarrassed as I longed to live again in the nuance of this amazing gospel story.

Fortunately, instead of brushing over the post, I opened it to hear again the story of Jesus turning the water into wine. Sure, you too have heard it a thousand times, if you have been a part of any Christian circle.

Yet, as I viewed the archeological remains of a massive earthen pot and listened to the ceremonial anthropology of that day, I felt tears in my eyes.

Not because of the story but because of the state of our nation. Yes, embarrassed is a strong word, but I truly am, when I reflect on how little of the Bridegroom we as a church are reflecting in this historical moment. It seems we are out of wine!

In this COVID moment, this triple viral complex of racial tension, stoked by the political divisiveness so anchored in the Institutional Church, both left and right, with few solutions, scores of empty buildings and shallow prayers.

We're out of wine, low on joy, and ill representative of the Bridegroom!

Yes, I am personally embarrassed at my shallow heart, lessened engagement and sense of retreat, as I contrast that with the drunkeness of Spirit, that I once knew as a young believer, and the solutions I then better knew possible, when first introduced to this God of the wedding feast.

We're better than this!

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