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A Spiritual Pivot

For several months now and with each morning has come the sense of need to share my thoughts. When they seemed shallow to me, I would always hear, "Just write!"

Much time was required to frame and edit my thoughts, but feedback always seemed to justify the life adjustment.

As well, my dear friend and amazing professional editor had seemed to glean sufficient insights from each post, adding value to our upcoming book.

As well, my online following seemed to be growing, with readership per post hitting an all time high. Then, just a few days back, suddenly reduced to numbers similar to before I had heard those words.

I will assume that to be a signal that the spiritual mandate has been met. My focus now perhaps more on personal growth, the new book than a daily full disclosure of thoughts.

Pivots are a part of life. I have enjoyed thinking out loud with you each morning.

Blessings all.

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Dick Joyce
Dick Joyce
17 квіт.

I pray that this isn't an announcement of your putting down the "pen". Your sharing of thoughts provide practical application of decency and vision for expanding our horizons. I am fortunate to have a few friends who poke me to "stay awake" like that.

If you should need something to provoke deeper thought, maybe you should consider becoming a "2-dog family".


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Hope you have a great day

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