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Finding Your Kingdom Sweet Spot

Now Available on Barnes & Noble.

"It's rare to have an opportunity to be mentored by a catalytic business leader with such rich cross-sector experience as John Bost has, and that is the gift found within these pages."

Shae Bynes, Author, Grace Over Grind

"For those deeply wanting to impact their faith, family, and community, John provides thoughtful questions to explore. His perspective on history, faith, philanthropy, and entrepreneurial living is a treasure of honesty, humility, and hope. A worthy read for sure!"

Eddie Hammett, Author, Master Certified Coach

"While many people simply live a life learning the 'hows', John's writing takes you to not only 'how' but also to the 'why', which is the most important question to answer for your life calling and identity. John is not just a theorist but also a practitioner."

Rick Hughes, Crisis Response Specialist

"If you knew John like I know John, you would discover a person who is a personification of finding his sweet spot and following God into the marketplace as a high impact entrepreneur."

George Bullard, Strategic Thinking Mentor, ForthTelling Innovation

"This short, to the point, transparent presentation of finding one's sweet spot in the Kingdom was a great resource for helping me center my longing and primary target of walking by faith, now better understanding my "gut" and its design as a means used by the Spirit."

Kevin Gheen, Senior Engineer

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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