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With Every Gift Comes a Responsibility

Up very early this morning after an amazing night of insightful dreaming as I prepare to share my heart with my community.

I'm not sure I have ever felt as strongly about a moment.

There seems to be a theme developing that is so clear, grounded in three books that have recently "found me," along with my devotional time, which has been extraordinary of late.

As well, my growing awareness of the fact that the current life expectancy in 2024 is 73.33 years, and I am 75!

If I am ever going to share something it needs to be soon.

My desire this year has been to be the 75 year old, that I wish I had met at age 25!

Imagine being that young, having a sense of your PFE, your "purpose for existence" or in Christianese, your Kingdom Calling.

Then to be clear about your Big Five Bucket List, having your life priorities in place, while pursuing a career that assures their reality! Wow!

Along with that, having identified your working Genius and Competencies (Lencioni) such that your productivity and impact are so enhanced that people desire to be a part of any team you are on!

All this lends itself to legacy and generational value-ad!

If you are one serious about your faith, you know such promises as Deuteronomy 7:9-16:

"Know that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps his gracious covenant loyalty for a thousand generations with those who love him and keep his commands". 

Wow, to think that we are promised influence upon a 1000 generations!

When I overlay my life with such scriptures, not just for the sake of "proof text," but with the deep assurance that has come from over 50 years of journey with this God of the Galaxies, this One manifest in the Christ of Mary, I realize the full potential of my legacy.

Pardon my excitement!

In a devotional read this a.m., Robin Wall Kimmerer, Potawatomi botanist, writes that people are "each endowed with a particular gift, a unique ability…. It is understood that these gifts have a dual nature, though: a gift is also a responsibility. If the bird’s gift is song, then it has a responsibility to greet the day with music. It is the duty of birds to sing and the rest of us receive the song as a gift."

Knowing your gift, taking responsibility for your gift, sharing your gift is life's greatest joy, and that my friend leads us toward legacy. Which is a word that implies the imprinting of your very brief life upon those around you, assuring a difference now, and for "a thousand generations!"

That awareness always makes for a great day!

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