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Wisdom Over Opinion

As I listen to our Congressional Representatives, as well as the rabid chatter on social media, I realize the danger and insanity of this moment.

We didn't get here only because of the reckless abuse of our rights on Jan 6th, but through weeks, if not years of rank partisan bickering and poor leadership among those sworn to represent the people of our great land.

The irony may be that as division and rancor grew, their attempt to represent the partisan divide was equally attended to, while the full purpose of democracy was itself abused in that process.

We now stand at a lose-lose precipice!

In the hearts of some, were our POTUS not reprimanded severely, there can be little historical precedent to prevent a similar atrocity in years to come.

Others know, if they follow such lead, the very divide they might have earlier prevented will be widened.

Either way, the most necessary healing of our Republic stands to be delayed and our nation tragically harmed.

If you are a person of prayer, this hour is perhaps your highest moment of necessity. May wisdom be granted and this great conundrum resolved.

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