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When Providence Passes You By...or can that even happen?

God has a way when it seems that providence has passed you by, just think back on the improbable lineage of the Lion of Judah.

Jacob's son, Judah from who's loins the Lion would come, loses his wife and son. He later "throws in the towel" and turns to one he believes to be a harlot, thus daughter-in-lawTamar births Pharez.

Soon the distant offspring of Pharez would marry a Moabite named Naomi, though her husband and sons also die without heirs.

Famine drives her back to Bethlehem, enter Boaz the nearkinsman of Naomi's husband, and the tag along Ruth then bears Obed, the grandfather of King David and we are back on track!

Your full legacy is often multi-generational.

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