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Uncanny in a Way

Haven't blogged in a while, as I have been giving my writing time to a restructuring of my last book, soon released.

This morning, during my near celebratory 50th year in scripture, I found Matthew 21 interestingly loaded with parallel insights into our day as American Christians.

See if it speaks to you in the same way:

An unknown party, perhaps an unchurched believer who struggles with religion finds that their donkey has been strategically positioned, unlike the dramatically scripted entry on a white horse so typical of the wanna-be conqueror-politicians of their day.

Crowds spontaneously provide a royal procession, leaving city officials inquiring as to all the commotion around this unknown commoner.

Temple "merchants" in the "church foyer" are selling doves to those too poor to buy more appropriate sacrificial animals, have their market suddenly upended, while the blind and lame, likely without any sacrificial offering are now leaping and shouting with the children "in the aisles."

The disciples, well they're scratching their heads over a withered fig tree!

In a way, kind've where we are today?

See where your thoughts go, if you are so inclined to read the chapter.

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