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Three Stages of Life

I came across this note scribbled in the margin of my old KJV from the late 70's, as I continued my read through the Book of Nehemiah.

It would seem that as I was approaching age thirty, barely able to afford gas and celebrate the weekend with a Hot Dog Combo as a local teacher, that I had begun to ponder how one might make difference at large.

If I think back over this continuum of servant leadership, I can see that God heard my prayers and kept my heart accordingly.

Cup bearer (think Nehemiah) for many pastors, earlier a few school superintendents and then several local leaders, and yes, now even a few walls built!

As to Governor, well I may be getting a little old, but I can say I did three terms as a local mayor!

Why all this reflection? It's one thing to have had an epiphany at age 25, that rescued this life from multiple opportunities for devastating loss, but another to have lived long enough to see the faithful hand of the Lord reconstruct your life so as to accomplish what in one's early life seemed far fetched dreams and unrealistic goals!

Big Hairy Audacious Goals!

To the younger who may read this, write them down, that is the first step.

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