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The Wheat and the Chaff

It becomes more and more difficult with the day to get to this blog thing!  Maybe the difficulty is the challenge of fresh words, and fresh fire?  John the Baptist spoke of fresh fire as he prophesied of the Messiah and of what that fire would do to us.  Luke 3:16-17.  He would come not only to save us but to purify us, a refiner’s fire.

That seems to be where my life is at this time, in the fires of refinement.  As I told a friend recently, the Stone has now fallen on me grinding me to powder it seems.  Crushing my flesh, yet possibly threshing my spirit.  Like wheat or in a case this friend recently witnessed  in a foreign country, rice…the grain hurled into the air, the wind and when no wind even the breath of the thresher separating the grain from the husk that had once held it encased in the stem.

The grain now becomes seed, food, bread.   The chaff consumed, gone!

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