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The Virgin Birth

Updated: Feb 10

Okay, right up front, if you're reading this to check out my theology, I'll let you down easy, I believe in the virgin birth.

However, if you do not, and question my why, do me a favor and keep reading, for we may not be that far apart in our reasoning.

Isaiah prophesied of it, ""Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel" (Is. 7:14). As well, Genesis 3:15 speaks of "her seed" which to some, implies the absence of a man in the birthing process.

Unfortunately, all this has been used to support the proposal for a sinless Jesus. Neither am I debating that thesis. However, if lacking connection by way of a male is to avoid the sin of the first Adam, caused by way of the Fall Eve in the Garden, one must know that Mary, too was of the seed of Adam. That poses a problem.

Sure, Paul's Second Adam debate builds upon a sinless Christ, but given his radical experience with the ressurected Christ, the Apostle with his attorney like rebuttal to the Romans, is likely attempting to transition his hearers from a hard line Mosaic Law toward a concept of grace.

Remember he was previously a murderer of "the people of The Way." Grace surely had provided a way toward sinlessness that the Law had hardly afforded him, the Pharisee of Pharisees!

My guess is that Jesus was sinless, not by way of avoidance of humanity, but fully human, yet fully surrendered to grace. He fulfilled the Law, a demonstration of the redeeming power of Christ in a man more so than his virgin birth. His was a life demonstaring a righteousness unattainable by a human, apart from the sacrifices crafted by religion, those of none effect, though used by God to prophesy of his owm upcoming sacrifice, an act of love, though in defiance of religion.

Yes, I believe (and I have that right) His sacrifice was more an act of love, dispelling any argument of a necessary sacrifice, in fact, in doctrine contrary to the love of a true father, or mother!

Religion had always promoted a wrath to be appeased, Calvary was simply God raising a hand to religion, "if you think I need a first born, a spotless lamb sacrificed so that you can be loved, I'll become the Lamb slain!"

Of course, then came religion's need for the doctrine of the Trinity, the Three in One.

I believe that also, God the Creator, who manifest himself in the Christ, and now fully exists among us, but in spirit form, literally saturating Creation, the first true manifestation of this awesome I Am!

Our need for the Trinity as three separate beings was more a necessity to explain the man Jesus, who often was in conversation with the Father, even while upon the cross.

My thought is that we do not truly believe that the Christ became fully flesh, and too, lived a life subject to all temptations by which we are tempted (Heb. 4:15) and yet overcame in such a way as to fulfill the bill religion required, the Spotless Lamb.

Now we must confront substitutional atonement, again necessary to justify the Mosaic requirement of a Lamb in order to appease the wrath due our sins. Yes it dispells any sense of wrath, but not substitutional though forever removing religion's argument, providing an even more poweful demonstration of grace and at-one-ment with God. One always possible for those willing to believe, and believe with such innocence as a child.

Willing to fully accept God's love, though religion insists upon a price being paid. Love is a gift, forgiveness at face value, with the only stipulation being that we equally forgive others.

"How often?", a religious Peter asked in Matthew 18:21, "seven times?" Jesus' reply, "seventy times seven" a numerical language communicating total grace for our shortcomings.

The message being that grace should be ever present in our relationship, as it is with the Father! Such that one fully open to grace, as was the Christ (he was grace) could live a sinless life through grace. If he, then so can I!

This thing of me being a sinner, provides an out when I stumble and a lower expectation of myself! God's 7×70 assurance of continued grace, imputes righteousness toward me, one only questioned by the religious, one sustained over the centuries by guilt and shame!

Maybe it's those who are willing to go fully with grace, that occasionally experience the miraculous, the "even greater things than these" spoken of by the Christ?

My guess is religion had done a number on humanity long before Abraham, with the Moses who showed up on the Mount of Transfiguration likely by then quite different in his approach, and even Elijah far less fiery.

The Christ in Jesus was the I Am of Moses, with the Law-Grace journey simply a necessary though progressive revelation given how slow we humans are to get it! Religion over time, still punching its insidious and hard hitting blows! However, to this God of the galaxies, a thousand years is but a day!

How much more awaits us as the Body of Christ matures beyond the threat of sinfulness and an unforgiving God of wrath. That faulty lens has provided the illusion of a crack in the wall of grace, giving religion its life controlling threat.

What if the journey by design is all about grace and men by way of religion simply make it difficult? Intermittent religion's harshness, this Being known as love, intentionally dots the landscape with indeniable Good News:

-the seed of a woman that will crush the serpent's head;

- a virgin that will give birth

-a spotless lamb who will demonstate the love of a friend by laying down his life to religious tyrants;

-a once ressurected Being who holds the keys to life and death.

-body like ours, though once ressurected, walked through walls, then and disassembles itself, becoming as witnessed, a cloud-like vapor, spiritually repositioned within all Creation.

-the Word that burst forth billions of years ago, unraveling galaxies, yrt controlling both density and distance such thaton one minute ball of dirt, Creation is protected.

-therein an illusion of matter exists, holding our spirits in tact until the Body matures, the remedy for religion!

Repent! Metanoia, "change the way you think!"


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