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The Mad Dash

This morning’s entry comes sandwiched between readings from the last days of John the Revelator and a second read through a small book called, The Dash.  The latter is a quick motivational read that brings a reality to how we spend the very limited days between birth and death.

My life has always been pre-occupied with the next season of life, the goal being a diverse exposure to life, building a depth of understanding about life sufficient to lessen the challenges of life for those who come behind me.  Perhaps I missed sufficient exposure to the “present” , and by that the very richness needed for my goal?  Yet, I refuse to take a back seat at this point in my life, though I must  balance my remaining “youthful” zeal with humility and limit my guilt driven confessions.  In fact, I may have just named the pitfalls to eldership?

Becoming a sage is now the deepest desire of my heart.  More than having lived a full life, it demands a spiritual work as well.  Frankly, technology is affording the next generation much greater exposure to life and richer access to knowledge than was available to my own.  So, if I bring anything to the table, though my life has truly been blessed with opportunity to serve, it will be the spiritual.

Navigating through this season of life with an aging body, will now be more challenging, yet a phenomenal tool for character development as it screams “attitude adjustment” with each new day.  To stay healthy, takes far more focus than in my younger days and, given that I have never been the celebrated athlete, will require even more mental commitment.

Having an entrepreneurial spirit, I have arrived without obligation or dependancy on institutions, which might otherwise hinder this moment.  Though I respect the role that  government, the church and community have played in my life, I now fear no one but God and have no reason not to deliver on anything He places before me.  That my friend is freedom.

Yet I dare not use this freedom as a license but rather a tool, to deliver truth that withstands the test of love, spawns hope for the next generation and leaves an imprint long after my name is forgotten.

My life truly has been a mad dash into the Red Zone; and now, scoring on that elusive dream of personal legacy is even more seductive!  Fortunately, life has a way of slowing us down, encouraging us to laugh more often, love more than we dream and to touch more often than speak.  Maybe there is still hope for this geezer!

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