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The "I Am" Knows You By Name!

"We read in Genesis [1:2] that in the beginning, “The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep.” Scripture begins with a whole world of chaos.

Then God begins to find the possibilities of design in that formless void, separating light from darkness, water from land…. God consecrates the chaos, giving it form. It is presented to us as an act of creativity and of choice.

God works in the chaotic void until there is order and light, and it is good.

The Genesis story reminds us that the void is not as empty as we think. Chaos is never as chaotic as we fear."*

Moses could only hear what Moses could hear in the Genesis story. However, what Moses knew was fully captured, don't miss it now that you know more.

Don't throw out your faith in moments of chaos, there is a Being that sets over the Galaxies and knows you by name!

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