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That Great Cloud of Witnesses

This morning as I was reading, ruminating and then praying about my day, I was aware of the deep love I have for friends and family.

As well, the limited time at 73 that remains for that love to cover and care in appropriate and impactful ways. The kind of stuff fathers and grandfathers want to be about.

After all, who can fill those shoes once life has expired. I then wondered about those in my life who had played that role. When their journey ended, what became of that love, that desire? Was that just a chemically driven emotion or does love have substance?

If love has substance and is as tangible as it felt this a.m., then it surely has no expiration, unlike my tired physical body.

If so, how is it then eternally sustained? Perhaps my love, my true being will one day join that great cloud of witnesses spoken of in scripture. Not some group of judgemental folk, embarrassed by the shortcomings of my life, but cheerleaders, empathetic in their life wisdom. Knowing the frailties of we humans, they now speak into the heavens on my behalf when I stumble.

If that be the case, you can bet I'll be loud for those I have so learned to love on this short journey.

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