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Still A Little Early For Closing Out The Year, But So Grateful!

This last year has been quite eventful. On the professional side lots of ground work layed toward a profitable 2024. On the home side, a few challenges, but in the end those moments now seem simply the fashioning of new stories of victory.

My wife's hip injury last fall proved another means of watching her faith at work, given doctors who said walking would even be difficult without support. Her bone mass was a mess! Now she's out and about with no meds, or support! In fact, both of us are signed up for pickle ball lessons this afternoon!

My own health came under serious threat last October and set off a year long battery of test, endoscopy, colostomy, sonograms, MRI's and multiple biopsies. Looks like that's behind me as well.

Why am I writing all this, well it could have easily been the opposite outcome, in fact at one point the MRI showed a large lesion, and per a PIRADS Score of 5, implying aggressive cancer. In fact, given the earliest prognosis offered, one based on data gathered, I could be under treatment just to survive.

I had shared my situation only with a few, as was the case with my wife. Our communication with others simply for wisdom's sake and for the purpose of decisions being made. We knew that prayer would also be offered. So, given last week's "focused" biopsy of the lesion, seems the cells are the lowest grade of cancer, if at all!

So, as I lay in bed last night, realizing how grateful I am with both of us on this side of our challenges. So it seemed appropriate to call a time out from my daily ruminating to simply rejoice!

As well, given our age, we have said goodbye to several dear friends, all unexpected, and we now pray daily for the grieving process of their loved ones during this first holiday season.

I pray mercy for those caught in the devastation in Gaza and Ukraine and all the more realize how blessed I am to live in America!

May this Advent Season be a time for recalling the grace of God in your own life, a season of sharing with those you love and with those whom you find in need within your reach and resources.

God has been so good, I just needed to offer praise!

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A friend and her husband is big into pickle ball. He designs pickle ball courts all around the south east

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