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Spiritual Value & Community

I am amazed at the layered truths within the Word of God. This mysterious book is so easily read only for its ancient narrative. However, it is laden with relevant guidance for today.

This morning while reading through the saga of the Exodus, made so real by Charlton Heston and the movie The Ten Commandments, I was struck by the clarion, contemporary message contained in Exodus Chapter 12, verses 1-11. Tucked away perhaps for this very moment in my life, was a prescription, a reminder of my responsibility as a member of the community.

  1. Tell the whole community (NIV): Share what you have heard.

  2. Take a lamb for your family: Have your house in order.

  3. One for each household: Other families also matter.

  4. If any household is too small, share: Families should matter to each other.

  5. Share with your nearest neighbor: Proximity brings added responsibility.

  6. Determine the amount of lamb needed per person: Individuality matters.

  7. Choose animals without defect: Offer your best to your neighbors.

  8. Take care of the sacrifice until the time of offering: Engage from the heart.

  9. Place blood on the tops, sides of each house: Follow through with your love.

  10. Eat the meat, along with herbs, and bread: Send a clear and caring message.

  11. Eat it with cloak tucked in, sandals on and staff in hand: Demonstrate expectation.

I must wonder how much my neighbors gain by living beside me. Is my neighborhood a better place because of my presence? How much does my life matter in the greater community? Is my life truly a value add?

So much wisdom between each sentence within God’s Word, a lamp unto our feet and a light to our world, if we will but follow.

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