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Reading the life of the Apostle Paul this a.m., at least what was captured by Luke in the Book of Acts.

Wondering what it takes to bring a man to the place of passion and surrender as displayed in 21:12-14. Here, Luke and others with whom he had shared life, beg him not to circle back to Jerusalem as he most certainly would be be bound, and yes as was the case, imprisoned and eventually executed. He knew that and yet he willingly lived into it!

Well educated, positioned in temple life and among the politically elite; even empowered in such a way as to be a threat to many. All that he counted as "dung".

When did this called out one first come into play in the grand scheme of eternity, certainly on the road to Damascus, if not even earlier, as he held Stephen's garment at his stoning.

My guess however, is still much earlier, from boyhood, even before his mother's womb, as the Psalmist writes, "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." A life strategically crafted as a world changer!

How marvelous to think as well, that the sovereign Lord knew me and you, even before the foundations of the earth! Just think, as you read, God is at work, preparing, providing and positioning your life. Don't miss that reality!

Live life as if you are known, for you are!

Known, soveriegnly called and deeply loved!

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