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Something is Going On Pt. 2!

I can't continue to ignore the momentum of thoughts that seize me each morning, nor the shift occuring in my spirit. Even the scripture speaks, no screams at me differently than ever before.

My journal, this blog, has now morphed into a feedback mechanism from quite a broad audience, though my current technological skills and unwillingness to fully market myself has kept the numbers small, though even that is changing.

In fact, if the 676 that follow me, as well as the 4598 on Facebook, 2427 on LinkedIn simply shared my posts, well who knows to whom or where my thoughts might extend. However, with that comes the risk of identifying with one who some may see as too heretic-like, or worse yet requiring a personal wake up call!

Though, in my professional world I am seen as: Strategic | Activator | Self-Assurance | Responsibility | Futuristic as confirmed by a recent assessment tool and verified even yesterday by several cohorts.

That's of no concern of mine, as the real deal is to "know that I know" and to speak what I must, while still in this bodily frame.

I must admit that I have been deeply affected by the loss of one of the dearest, most loving, selfless servants, a flat-out Saint or the closest to that I have ever known. She was taken out by a surgical accident a couple Monday's ago. As I prayed over her body, I found myself more broken than even when I lost of my own mom. In the depth of my spirit, I heard the word, "War!"

Oh, I don't mean physical, like we hear of in Gaza, that's tragic, the result of religious factions and political ideologies. The call to war that I sensed was a need for spiritual renewal, revived passion and a greater commitment of time, talent and resources...true impact!

That is what I had witnessed of late in the life of this now departed soul!

In my fundamentalist upbringing, it would drive me to prayerful intercession, yet today it rings more like the sound of action, change, true transformation. A shift that manifests in the marketplace where people work and play. A living evidence of compassion, more so than the defense of doctrine.

Something is awry in this thing we call Christianity. Churches on almost every corner, campuses in competition, funded by those blessed by capitalism.

Yet these same "blessed folk" (pardon me while I talk to myelf) awake each morning in high wealth subdivisions, blind to the the economic perils that have crested islands of poverty and hunger just miles from their cul-de-sac, let alone around the globe!

School principals struggle to meet top down mandates, testing goals set by legislators to justify the growing cost of a failing system. Failing not because of lack of funding, nor the feverish dedication of the majority of educators, though relatively low salaried, many are very passionate professionals.

Rather, their challenge, educating kids numbed by the gaming industry, unintentionally abused by parents who's noses are "to the grindstone," some families even homeless.

Early childhood classrooms each year are filled with creative minds, yet void of the parenting support needed, making it unlikely that the individual encourament, adapted to their unique learning style, will afford their prosperity as they mature.

In fact the reality is a diminishing of creativity over time, many falling victim to the disciplinary requirements of antiquated classroom management, though Smart Boards and laptops are plentiful.

I am not just "spilling my guts" based on media, for I sat with a couple such kids just last week as a volunteer mentor. It reminded me of a NASA study that cites: "In a longitudinal test of creative potential, a NASA study found that of 1,600 4- and 5-year-olds, 98 percent scored at "creative genius" level. Five years later, only 30 percent of the same group of children scored at the same level, and again, five years later, only 12 percent." (See link below).

Reading through Ezekiel isn't helping, as this prophet cries out against late stage Judaism in a way that I find myself at 75, when considering the American Church and today's brand of Christianity.

The challenge I have is Ezekiel's transference of fury to the character of God, so different than the nature of the Christ. If as fundamentalists, we hold these words literally we are in "deep do do," if in fact that is God's nature given the challenges that have emerged on our watch!

In both Old and New Testament, there is enough strange symbolism and metaphor, that rather than prayerfully wrestling through this for the spiritual insights necesary to better impact humankind, we tend to faint, pull back, imagining the personal costs of unselfish love (the true nature of God), thus we simply declare "Maranatha."

In my upbringing, it meant "Lord Come Quickly" which interprets as "get me out of here, when in reality it's the Christ in us that is the hope of glory, and the remedy for our land.

We are the solution to this "warfare" and it's time to wake up and join in the fray! As scary as this may sound, it is a call to meaningfulness and true abundant living. However, it is so in contrast to how we the privileged few now live, that it is acclaimed as heresy, if not insanity!

Now you know why my low risk followers are reluctant to share my posts...high risk words! Perhaps the Lord has come, and is now knocking at our door of America as once was the case of Isreal.

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