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Ressurection Clarified?

I can't seem to get away from the sense that a message was missed at the Transfiguration. The radiant light energy that was emitted from Jesus and even his clothing, likely what would happen were a physical body immediately disassembled, radiant energy displaced from between the very atoms. Cremation, though not as immediate, certainly validates this thought, for me at least!

Cloud-like was the description at the "Ascension", which in all probability was a full Transfiguration rather than some vertical ascent into "heaven".

I say that because of what we now know about the galaxies versus the thought of a Third Heaven, simply put, Paul's limited understanding. He even admits that he was somewhat

unclear: "And I know that this man--whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows--" 2 Cor. 12:3. NIV.

Jesus likely invited Moses and Elijah to join him on the Mount, proof that these revered men were still alive, though apparently in a dimension we cannot sense. The message of "eternal life" seems even more clear in Mark 12:19-27. Here he challenges the Sadducees who had posited a story around ressurection. Their objective was to stump Jesus, as they didn't believe in the concept themselves.

They conjured up a story wherein seven brothers, each in sequence dying childless, after taking the same wife. They legitimized their scheme by way the Near-kinsman Redeemer requirement (see Ruth 3), hoping to pose an embarrassing challenge for Jesus. Seems he knew the Torah better than they.

His response points out something we often overlook when offering emotionally driven eulogies upon the loss of a spouse. When the dead "rise" they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels. (See Mark 12:25).

He then goes further to clarify this concept of the "dead raised" by citing Moses and his burning bush moment with God (who was Christ) saying, "I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob," implying they too were alive at that very time.

Somehow it seems to me, that we have missed in part the message of the Transfiguration and Ascension.

Could it be that eternal life begins in the womb, a holy place, where this "tabernacle" or temple is constructed for our spirit. We being prone more toward religion and idolatry thought the temple message about facilities, places of worship.

When the physical body dies, could it be that we, like the Christ enter a different dimension, and not some dormant phase until the trumpet sounds and the dead are raised. The Resurrection being a reassurance of eternal life, more than about preserving our body.

Could it be that we never really die, simply transfigured, then entering the same dimension as the Christ had been long before Creation?

Again, my thoughts are that much of what we accept as doctrine is built upon the limitations of those by whom the Spirit spake, the scriptures inspired but progressive as we mature in our capacity and knowledge.

Thus the necessity of hearing from the Spirit as the text is studied. As well, this also explains some of the conflict and struggle between the literalist and the unfolding scientific discoveries of our day.

As Creation unfolds revelation, the Spirit then affirms by way of the mystery contained in scripture, if one is open!

Immutability still stands as true, though our revelation of this Being is ever expanding!

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