Redemptive Restraint

The older I get the more I seem to understand the necessity of restraint and the love required for its administration. It clarifies for this dad, the concept of God the Father.

Age provides data, reflective memories of moments of error, that could have produced unrecoverable regret. However, here I sit, well cared for, though likely not of my own doing. Yes, I am well aware of things I should have done better!

Yet, when I labor around my failures, I am reminded of the times when restraint came just in time to prevent that point of no return. Why me? I can only attribute my life success to love, though that seems unfair, when others have suffered loss in similar moments of self abuse.

Being open to restraint, as much as the warm rewards of love is a critical life lesson, which cannot come soon enough given life's brevity.

Just sharing moment of gratefulness in this puzzling and complex journey called life.


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