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Questions in My Mind as an Author

I am awaiting a couple reviews and the possibilities of rewriting my last book, Finding Your Kingdom Sweetspot.

So many good works out there that it seems what I am trying to communicate, as a 74 year-old, is already obvious to my young next gen acquaintances by way of books they introduce me to?

Take for instance, Learning to Float, by Micheal DeStefano. I can hardly get passed the Foreward by Lindsey Paris-Lopez:

"The most wonderful thing about this book is that it demonstrates that beyond the anxieties that so often accompany our deconstruction processes, there is hope, humor, and joy. When we realize we are not alone, that we can share and laugh and cry and wonder together, we find new dimensions that we never would have seen if we had stayed wherever it was that we came from before. That doesn’t mean everyone will leave their churches or environments behind, but it does mean our minds will continually open to new ways of understanding who we are and who we are becoming."

Can't wait to finish, and right on the heels of Brian McLaren's, Do I Stay Christian.

BTW, I do understand the possibility of being totally and perhaps prematurely "sanctioned" by my more conservative, evangelical, and fundamentalist brothers and sisters. Love causes me to take that risk, even though with DeStefano I would be a little less likley to drop as many Fbombs (well none)! I trust it is for dramatic effect on the front end. We'll see!

As folk would say on the Wednesday night prayer meetings once offered in my former denomination, "Ya'll pray for me that I'll ever stand true!"

P.S. Not for everyone, but eye opening and beneficial to me in understanding the generations that follow!

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