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Prayer, Providence, Provision and Purpose

This morning it dawns on me the amazing work of God in my life. A blue collar kid, first generation college, I was a dreamer of sorts, though unmentored beyond work ethic.

Fresh out of the gate, married young only to be hit with a suicide that led to a stunning divorce. Thankfully, I had found a niche as a science teacher with kids that I loved and a profession that required boundaries.

Tested though they were, those boundaries kept me sane until I found the Source of life through the prayers of my dad and the providence of God.

I was a then safe bet for a church invite and sure enough, my newlywed English teacher and I soon joined into the traditional church alignment, searching for stability. It was there that I sought out the calling that I had known since age eleven, though it took quite the different direction than the traditional journey.

Now 50 years in, I have learned to hear God and fear nothing apart from my own passions...purpose is clear, path corrections are daily!

Now into my sixth attempt at a book (the fifth, Finding Your Sweetspot now in revision by a publisher) I am searching for words that best express the lessons learned. I am seeing a pattern. Somehow God is both speaking to me, and then clearly unfolding that "Word."

He is prospering whatever I touch, yet leading me into a deeper trust as I approach my exit ramp, yet unnumbered, but sure!

Can you feel the challenge and the thrill? Maybe this book will be the one.

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