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Overwhelmed in a Good Way.

Reading three books simultaneously, along with my annual read through scriptures.

Books seem to always find me at just the right moment, though I often find myself on overload when multiple show up!

I find surprising overlap in these three, or shall I say four to include by aging leather backed friend.

Covey's "Trust and Inspire" is well...inspiring given the much needed but slow transistion from the industrial age of "carrot and stick".

He more than most aligns with the principles of Christ. His underlying belief in the power of grace is evident and the outcomes similar to what is captured in Ortlund's, "Gentle and Lowly".

Throw in Winter's, "MetaVerse" alongside Putin's daily antics and our divisive national politics, and it causes this grandfather to only hope for a true global transformation within the Body of Christ and the Institutional Church.

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