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On Becoming a Sage

Had to clean up the format somewhat, but this post from 2002 which I found while reviewing journal notes, is not bad stuff though somewhat under developed:

On Becoming a Sage Survival Born of flesh (entry into this world) Reborn of Spirit (entry into the Kingdom) Maintenance (self development) Challenge of one’s spirit by the Spirit Ramping up/organizing for possible change/positioning Preparation of mind, body, soul (wholeness) Managing Self-talk (whats written on your window by others) Preservation of spirit despite self-talk Pediatrics of the Faith Capacity Building/Leading change Developing your following

Principals of Creativity

There is a sequence to creativity: Genesis- some point of beginning in Christ Evolution & Transformation- growing in grace Destiny- positioning for impact & purpose

Knowing God is more important than vision or strategy; both vision and strategy come out of relationship with God.

You have the same creative element in you as God, if you are in Him (Walking in the Spirit).

Creativity supersedes your knowledge and personal capacity, yet can be limited by your obedience to His principles.

You cannot imitate the acts of God, must be God flowing through you (Not by might nor by power, but by my spirit). Not a matter of name and claim, or brag and bag, but authentic flow of spirit and prophetic work if it is to be a sustainable work.

Production of His promises requires His participation. (Awesome Creation = His promise and His participation).

His creation through you will bear your uniqueness. God is committed to your uniqueness. Scriptures God-breathed yet bear the marking of each writer. (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John).

You must step into your uniqueness, what God ordained to do through you is found only in you. What is not being done that you must do, can only be recognized by you. Step into what is not being done, don’t wait for others to approve, just be wise and gentle in the way you do it.

Stepping into the impossible is often messy, yet often better to create a mess than to wait for others to do what they cannot even see needs to be done. Counsel is often necessary to get a sense of direction, but usually better serves to prepare others for your own uniqueness.

Tendency is to wait until we see something that everyone else is comfortable with and then claim that, though it falls miserably short of what God had originally planned to do through you.

God often wants you to speak something that no one else has even thought of nor could conceive.

Not just pointing out others shortcomings, that’s called an arm chair quarterback!

Not waiting until there is no risk! Anyone can provide a solution for which resources are readily available. God likeness is creating solutions even before resources are known to exist.

Several types of capital: Financial- your connect with the economy of earth, most easily lost. Personal/social- your relationship and network with people, most easily damaged Mental- your intellect & thought life, often the least protected. Spiritual- your relationship with God, least cultivated The last three far exceed the value of the first.

We must simply bring the thought, the resolve, to vision and words (faith expressed); God takes that to provision and works, the solution (substance possessed). Hebrews 11:1.

Creativity begins with a thought. Enemy’s objective is to contaminate our thoughts, for it is in our thoughts that we connect with the creativity of God. If we can connect with His creativity, that creativity will germinate its own resources.

People are usually the conduit for provision. Every healthy & whole person has a bent for benevolence. Philanthropy is the love of life. People simply need to be connected with their dream and their passion to be persuaded.

Creativity is the source of passion; passion is the seed of persuasion.

Often moving toward your dream will require you to step out before anyone even “gets it.” Stepping out often requires risk and uncertainty. It is in paying these dues of uncertainly, the “dumb tax”, that we learn to receive from God and have significant impact on people.

John Bost 2002

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