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Not Made of the Visible

My read through Hebrews continues to reinforce the thought of a veiled mystery, an intangible tabernacle in the heavens, introducing a new dimension of being, "not made out of what was visible."

We are so accustomed to our physical tabernacles, brick and mortar, flesh and blood, the necessity of reflected light or a response to touch, audible sounds, detectable movement, breathing, etc. if to be counted as real!

Yet, the universe is full of spectra we cannot see, frequencies we cannot hear, so why not beings not made of what was visible...spirits, even vast heavens unseen that dwell among the galaxies, though unlikely composed of matter as we understand it?

We are spirits, as said before, having a human experience. For reasons yet to be revealed, reasons wrapped within a love yet to be fully experienced, with a God we have at best dumbed down with our religious explanations. Necessary as school masters until we "children" come to an understanding, at best serving only as guard rails until true relationship is established by grace through faith. Then and only then spiritual "substance," tangible to the spirit, the very things hoped for becoming the "evidence" formerly unseen by the natural eye.

Has the Kingdom come among us, unseen by those still approaching by way of religion, yet to step into a faith personally that is revealing of the unseen. Is Christ now among us, the Body of Christ, the Ekklesia, true communion ours to enjoy and share through a love found only in surrender to this God who became flesh, so that we might become One.

Is it possible that we humans are so locked into our natural senses that we are separated from our spiritual reality, the true substance of who we are.


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