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My Four Room House

This morning I asked the Lord to speak into my heart an understanding of my role during this fourth quarter moment.

My deepest thoughts center around the future of my grands, given the turmoil in the Middle East, our global economic challenges, the present political leadership, as well as those likely to be elected. At times all that is a little frightening to the mind, yet, I can do little to change either significantly. Even those assets intentionally preserved for future use, set aside from the blessings that have flowed in our lives could all dissipate almost overnight. We all know that, thus my prayerful inquiry.

As I listened, I heard, then I saw "four rooms." It represents the house for which I am responsible. Yes LaDonna, this one has only four!

The first is my inner soul, that part of me that no one but YHWH is fully privy to, even should I try to share and God knows I do, it is too wonderfully furnished. Your inner sanctum is no different.

Keeping that room open to conversation and guidance each morning is my highest responsibility. For in that room I always find pivotal direction sufficient to assure an impactful day.

The next room holds the concern and obligatory duties toward my immediate family, the one room which I have learned to be most vulnerable, should the first room become cluttered with too much self-thought.

As well, it houses those with whom I have some sense of spirtual fathering and mentorship, to include clients. I say clients because I am involved with none that do not fully understand my priorities. I have long retired from a system solely about income stream.

The Third Room is "furnished" with the wisdom gained from third tier relationships, those with whom I navigate for the "greater good." Spiritual alignment is also critical here as well, though this room is often more of an investment in the community, holding less expectation of return or immediate benefit to myself. At times however, it does bring value to those in my second room.

The Fourth Room is more ethereal, holding and fueling the visionary side of my life. Each room is a stand alone if need be, but this room is strategic in its placement, with direct access when required from the First Room. In moments when my soul struggles for purpose or answers I am often carried into the fourth room for perspective. This then fuels my hope, adds energy to my thoughts and settles my concern for those in the second and third rooms.

As I closed out my read in Isaiah this morning, I was left with wonder by way of Isaiah's words of promise of both a new heaven and a new earth, words also cited by John the Revelator.

I then took a walk around "the house", revisiting each room and came away with a calming assurance that this current cacophony, as devastating for some as it surely is, was not to be feared, perhaps necessary in order to birth that promise.

My inner man was strengthened, my capacity for care enlarged, my concern for community stabilized, and my vision more clear.

Living in this four room house has been sufficient for all these years and I am confident that my fourth quarter will be as productive as the prior three!

I will now begin my day!

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Have a good day


Steve Gallagher
Steve Gallagher
Nov 06, 2023
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good stuff.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Remember your apartment on North Davidson Drive Hope you have a great week

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