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More Morning Musings

Finally saw my newest work listed online though not yet fully available, "Finding Your Kingdom Sweet Spot."

All my books seem to each compound upon the other, just as my Cabin Talks have with some of the same individuals over these last 17 years.

This morning's thoughts were tracing the trajectory of one desiring to become a high impact Kingdom entrepreneur (making assumptions that in some ways I have been, given feedback).

I came up with several strategic necessities:

Discerning the difference in Eternity vs. Prosperity (it takes both for lasting impact. 

If one stays on mission, pursuing their vision, money will find you..."calling" has its own voice!

Being aware of the lure of the 501c3 as a sole means of income and the growing credibility gap given the plethora of NonProfits in our Capitalist Society.

The true purpose of nonprofits, 501c3 exemptions and tax deductions as better means of locating tax dollars, avoiding government bureaucracy and better reducing wealth gap that is also .

Hear the need to speak to the mission of the Institutional Church and culture's departure from personal calling as gift to others, versus a means of properity...the greed factor.

Understanding the Market, identifying existing needs, ideation (the source of all markets) and therein finding Kingdom Purpose.

Trust fosters Creativity (a whole day here).

Understanding Risk while eliminating Threat & fear, as alluded to many times (Gut, Heart, Head sequence).

Sector Alignment (the "where" of your "why") is found through providential relationships.

Service (ministry) & Product

Example: Planning Board, Transfer Station, Landfills, etc. 

Managing your move with courage, trust and a determination to avoid debt.

More to come in the book now being written! Stay tuned.

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