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Just Breathe

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

I took this title from a song which I understand my younger cousin Paula Lammonds Bost had listened to just before her surgery on Monday a week ago.

The link is below, but the lyrics afforded a moment for me to contemplate upon what this young Saint may have been processing through in her final selfless moments. She was prepared for what she and her dear family thought was a short interruption to a life fully focused on others, though clearly framed to include her large family's needs as well. Its so easy to miss that last part!

She would transistion to her reward within only a couple hours!

Her lifetime of work was on full display yesterday in a room packed with people whose lives she had made impact upon. Her children and their children displaying mighty evidence of her love and the fruit of generations, to include devoted parents and grandparents who had modeled the "Way" for her as a child.

I sat joyfully, grieving somewhat differently than the days before, fully immersed in the Presence and sense of "anointing" that saturated this once converted industrial building.

The first time I visited this rather contemporary sanctuary it was full of under-resourced individuals who had come at Paula's invitation to gather food, toiletries, even furniture per their needs, at no cost.

Outside, a former trucking dock served to unload goods, sorted for distribution across the Triad by way of like-minded community partners, many of them from other congregations. Salvaged goods, the stuff we return, even non-perishable foods were purchased from sponsoring companies such as Costco, Walmart and others for the minimal cost of shipping.

Hear the connection between her Christ-like character, her passion for service to others, efficiencies of execution and deep community love. The organization is called City Serve (see second link).

Just Breathe, but not too long, as Paula would certainly expect some sweat equity of us, even treasure when needed. Her calling reminds us that this Christ-centric journey includes more than mere emotional respite, fellowship with the like-minded and eternal assurance! As a churchman, I am grateful for all of that!

However, there is work to be done, as Paula was quoted as saying throughout this amazing celebration of her life, one directed primarily by her family and friends.

The task of literally bringing Heaven to Earth was always just a next step away in her high energy walk.

This 75 year old, yes me, John was so deeply touched by the lyrics of a song toward the end of the celebration, "All my life you have been faithful, all my life you have so so good, with every breath that I am able, I will sing of the goodness of God!"

I had church yesterday!! That's how I was raised and I am grateful!

Full service stream:

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I will go one step further and say you’re a prophet and a visionary.


John Bost
John Bost
Dec 03, 2023

Appreciate you!


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Good morning

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