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Importunity Misunderstood

As a youngster and frankly even as an adult Pentecostal, I was taught the necessity of Asking, Seeking, Knocking, even "Tarry all night" if need be for the big stuff! I recall congregants praying strenuously in collective warfare, "praying through"!

That now puzzles me somewhat.

Especially given that just below this passage on "importunity" in Luke 11:11 other verses insinuate that if a son should ask bread of "any of you that is a father will he then give him a stone", then further "a serpent" or "scorpion."

"If you being evil" wouldn't dream of such a thing (my paraphrase) how much more unlikely that your heavenly Father, if asked for the Holy Spirit (Christ in you, the hope of glory), such a critical piece to your spiritual journey, would not grant your prayer! That would seem ludicrous!

As I have grown older and more confident in my own journey, having developed an on-going conversation with the Spirit (as Paul recommends, "prayer without ceasing") things asked of God seem to come much easier, even in my career decisions.

Yes, I even pray about real estate and land assemblage!

What then is the point for Luke's record of Jesus' answer regarding importunity? Could the message of importunity be simply that prayer changes us; certainly not God, who is immutable!

Here again perhaps a series of verses misunderstood, meant to teach us that God, unlike some moody human would never hold back on promises made.

More likely the hindrance is our ability to recieve, which further clarifies what we know as the Lord's Prayer, offered a few verses earlier.

Prayer is a necessary exit ramp from our fast lane lives, misguided motives, unforgiven debts and distain for others.

The most unknown element of continuous prayer is the remedy it brings to us as we pray. The stuff we need is the Father's will, in fact his heart, not unlike mine for my precious daughter and her family.

It is my will as a dad, that her family "prosper and be in good health." No need for her to beg anything of me, just tell me what they need! She knows that! Though too, she knows and respects my expectations of her (so proud of her, love you babe)!

The Apostle John reinforces this thought in his gospel, verses 14:12-14. Jesus there assures us, that if we ask anything in his name, he himself will grant it by way of the Father (we now know he was the Father become flesh).

Jesus' message there was not only to reassure us of his promises being certain, but to further empower us with his name, his authority. However, unlike we were also unfortunately taught to pray, this doesn't imply that we tag on a gratuitous line at the end, "and we pray all of this in the wonderful name of Jesus!" Rather, that we pray in his full authority, with firm assurance, knowing in effect that we have his Power of Attorney!

Getting to that level of confidence is where the seeking and knocking in prayer comes into play. Allowing the Holy Spirit sufficient time for the work of the Spirit to right our motives and inhabit our works such that when we stand in the "marketplace" praying as POA, those observing our actions and outcomes, see Christ revealed in us.

We then become "epistles read of all men", the intent of Jesus for the Body of Christ.

In fact, when he said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life", he wasn't making a declaration about Christianity as we know it, but rather a life demonstration that we too could live into through prayer. Christianity and the Christ are now obviously light years apart relative to prayers answered, sick healed and lame walking.

Just say'n!

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Asked according to his will

John Bost
John Bost
Mar 16
Replying to

Another misunderstood verse...when prayer has you in alignment, your asks are His will!

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